FashionSon Heung-Min Making Waves With His Shirtless Calvin Klein Photoshoot

Son Heung-Min Making Waves With His Shirtless Calvin Klein Photoshoot

Son Heung-Min, commonly known as the forward for the English Premier League club, Tottenham has recently unleashed his “sex symbol” era. The South Korean footballer modelled for Calvin Klein and fans are going crazy. 

Many believe that Tottenham is not the place for Son to unleash his full potential. However, it appears that modelling might be his next best thing after his football career. He is currently 30-years-old, and generally footballers tend to retire around their 30s. 

Son Heung-Min, Calvin Klein’s new sex symbol 

Fans of the footballer commented highly inappropriate things directed towards him. This new photoshoot also seems to have him gaining more female fans. The things said are of the sexual nature and would be highly inappropriate to discuss. 

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Netizens also stated that him posing for Calvin Klein is hilarious as his team is currently on the losing end of the stick. Others stated that Tottenham, his team, lost against Milan in a devastating 0-1 match. 


Statements of him being better off as a fashion model rather than being a footballer are also a popular opinion among fans. A netizen thought he was a random model rather than a serious Premier League footballer. These comments are brutal against the Spurs player as he has done wonders for his team. 

Not to mention that Son also helped South Korea qualify for the World Cup in 2022. Unfortunately, South Korea eventually was disqualified. To top it all, he played while he had a serious injury directed to his eye socket. His football skills are not in question as he is an excellent player as it is. 

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For a player that is rarely in drama, many are shocked to see his new image. It is not often that we would see a hero from the Premier League model for an underwear brand. To top it all off, he is also one of the few Asian players in the league. 

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