Wednesday, June 29, 2022
AsiaMalaysia“Stupid b*tch” – Elderly man curses at girl for taking 'his seat'

“Stupid b*tch” – Elderly man curses at girl for taking ‘his seat’

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The story goes that an elderly man cursed a Malaysian girl on an MRT and the girl got support from another girl who helped her deal with the elderly person.

In a tweet, senah (@chnrsyrn) wrote the following in Malay, (translated here in English):
“Hi everyone who always takes the MRT, I want to say please be careful with this old guy. (She publishes the photo of the elderly person).

“He is very rude and ready to scold people because he claims the seat that the person sitting there has (while many more seats are empty). I am one of the victim today. He called me “stupid bitch,” she claims.

In Malaysia, it is now becoming an issue with MRT, LRT or other train users who are commenting on Twitter in particular that some people are rude for not giving up their seats to ladies.

“>However, it appears that this is not the case here.

The man, believed to be a foreigner, yelled and cursed at her for allegedly sitting in HIS seat.

The odd thing was that there appeared to be a lot of open seats on the MRT they were on.

“Luckily there was this Chinese girl who helped me scold the uncle. Like, why do you have to scold people when there are 3 empty seats right in front of us.

“Then, while the girl and I were talking, the uncle can hit his umbrella and yell ‘SHUT UP!!‘. By the way, he is a foreigner. So rude,” she wrote.

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Train rides can be long in Malaysia and some people can be upset that they are not getting a seat. But to scold people in public is another story!

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