Asia Malaysia Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew wants electoral commission to halt Najib's 'Bossku'...

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew wants electoral commission to halt Najib’s ‘Bossku’ campaign

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According to one Tan Sri, the manner in which ex-PM Najib Razak is conducting himself under the moniker ‘Malu APA Bossku’ is un-Islamic and requires clarification from an Islamic standpoint.

But the problem with this statement is that Tan Sri himself is not a Malay Muslim, but a Chinese businessman known for his leanings toward ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In a letter dated March 22 and addressed to the chairman of the Election Commission Malaysia, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew the founder of The Mines Resort and Country Heights Holdings says the “Malu Apa” campaign is like a biochemical weapon, it infects the healthy brains and minds of young and old, just like the Coronavirus.

“Once it breakouts and the infections are too high, our medical system will collapse. Similarly, if the “malu apa” campaign succeeds in every election, there will not be enough jail space and our security system will collapse in the future”.

“Without a sense of malu, or healthy HAYA, how are teachers or parents going to educate and teach their children? “Malu apa” campaign must be stopped at all costs,” he says.

Basically, he is asking the Election Commission (EC) in Malaysia to take action against the campaign by Najib that he says is designed to help a convicted politician win elections.

‘Haya’ is an Islamic term that includes the meaning of ‘shame’ and it naturally means one should not be shameless but must have some shame even in defending one’s position in society.

Johor Polls

Once again, we have to revert to the Johor polls. The daughter of Tan Sri was campaigning for the Muda party in the recently concluded Johor elections.

Muda’s Datin Dian Lee, in a sense, was faced against her father in these elections. The property tycoon was campaigning for rivals Pejuang (Mahathir’s party) alongside Mahathir in Johor.

Dian Lee as she is known, became a member of Muda on December 23 last year and is currently a CEC member of the party.

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