LifeViolent brawl erupts between McDonald's employee and customer

Violent brawl erupts between McDonald’s employee and customer

A brawl broke out at a McDonalds recently and it was between and employee and a customer.  McDonalds is commonly known to be a place where people can get a quick hot meal at a reasonable price. However, for the time being, they will be known for this viral incident. 

Unfortunately, incidents like these are common in McDonalds across the world. Just two months ago, another incident went viral where a violent brawl broke out at the self-service machines. Apparently, that specific case involved children fighting with eachother. 

It seems that McDonalds customers are in need of a “Happy Meal.” Could it be that they are angry before entering the establishment and would burst out when the item they want isn’t available? It is a peculiar trend that is happening across the world. 

The McDonald’s brawl in question

Apparently, this viral tweet is about a customer ordering a Big Mac two minutes before closing. The employee got angry and a brawl took place. Netizens are seemingly defending the employee and the customer’s top literally came off exposing her body. 

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Disagreements among netizens are that the employee is correct in getting angry. However, there are those who states that even if its two minutes before closing, it is still their serving time. Despite this, many claim that it would be a social etiquette for customers to understand the employees. 


A netizen stated that this happened two years ago where the employees messed up the customer’s order. Then, names are thrown at each other which instantly led to this brawl. The netizen still disagrees with how the restaurant handled the situation. 

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Several questions are being asked on why some people believe that the incident was triggered by the customer placing an order two minutes before the restaurant closed.  It is based on the joke that fastfood employees get annoyed at customers especially when they order food before closing. 

Threads on Reddit discussed the matter, but the context of it all is still unclear. The comments are mostly making fun of either the customer or the employee’s large stature. Netizens on Reddit state that the larger woman must probably have beaten up a number of people back in her day.  

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