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One of the stories that is currently shocking Twitter is that a woman is making $80,000 through OnlyFans in order to pay for her cancer treatment. To those that do not know, OnlyFans is a platform where people would share inappropriate photos of themselves for a monthly fee. 

According to the Daily Mail, Mya Richardson at only 15-years-old began experiencing pain in her side. Despite her persistent symptoms, she was repeatedly dismissed by doctors who attributed her discomfort to having “unbalanced hips.” 

It wasn’t until last year, when a painful lump appeared on the left side of her lower abdomen, that she was finally referred to a specialist and was subsequently diagnosed with cancer. Now, she’s 21-years-old and is continuing her work despite the scars and claims that fans still love her. 

Netizens react to the woman making OnlyFans content to pay for her treatment 


Netizens are stating that American healthcare is in a sad state where women have to resort to creating 18 and above content to pay for their medical fees. Others are defending the current system citing that it is a lot better than free healthcare. However, the netizen then states that healthcare should at least be affordable to everyone. 

The content creator, Mya, even responded to the tweet. She assumes that she will get a lot of hate for her decision. Many are surprised that many are supporting her decision. Online commenters respond by saying that she is young and deserves to live, regardless of how she is making her income.  

OnlyFans helping communities? 

Netizens are making positive remarks towards the 18 and above site. They are citing that sites like these are helping people pay for health treatments. Another Twitter user states that there are multiple creators who are using the funds they made from the platform to feed the homeless. 

Nevertheless, it is still a heartbreaking sight to see people resorting to OnlyFans for the fundamental rights as human beings. The American healthcare system is not friendly to those who have little. This is the same case for youths who refuse receiving low pay for their corporate jobs. OnlyFans is somewhat giving them access to more money. 

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