Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalWatch how a mother bear fights to death to defend her newborn...

Watch how a mother bear fights to death to defend her newborn cub

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A video of a real-life fight between two bears, a male and a female, is going popular on Twitter.

The female bear is defending her baby from the male bear. The heart-stopping footage shows them wrestling on the edge of a rocky cliff before tumbling to fall on the rocks below.

In order to protect her kid, a momma bear fought her 500lb opponent to death before taking a deadly 100ft plunge.

Some reports say both bears survived the fall while the male is seen motionless because one can see the female bear standing up after the fall.

The mama bear has been dubbed a “genuine legend of the fall” by a newspaper.

The brown bruin unexpectedly survived after sliding off a cliff while defending her baby from a nearly 500-pound male in Castile and Leon, Spain, according to the New York Post.

The male bear is seen approaching the female bear, who is standing protectively in front of her cub in the footage.

They begin fighting and eventually collapse from a considerable height to the ground.

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The heart-pounding video, which was published by Spanish wildlife officials on Tuesday, begins with the mama bear crouching protectively in front of her youngster as a male bear leaps down a mountain toward them.

The enormous daddy bruin suddenly strikes, and the two begin tussling on a ledge while the baby slowly backs away.

At one point during the high-altitude combat, the mama bear can be seen dangling over the side of the cliff like Mufasa from “The Lion King”.

Things take a turn for the worst when both bears leap from the cliff at the same time and drop nearly 100 feet down the mountainside, hitting off multiple rocks along the way.

The woman ultimately comes to a halt and gently rises to her feet. Meanwhile, her male adversary appears to be disoriented by the fall and stands sluggishly at the mountain’s base.

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