LifeWoke Black person claiming that all White people are racist 

Woke Black person claiming that all White people are racist 

A recent viral photo on End Wokeness’ Twitter page shows a woke Black woman writing “all White people are racist” on a white board. However, this is not sitting well with conservatives of all races. Furthermore, the woke ideology supposedly preaches that equality is the best for all, but at the same time, they’re doing the contrary. 

According to the Scientific American, as politics increasingly revolve around race, there is growing confusion about discrimination. A national survey found that both Blacks and Whites believe discrimination against Blacks is declining over the years. However, Whites thought discrimination against them is increasing. 

Furthermore, studies also reveal that reminding Whites of increasing diversity and their declining proportion of the population leads to greater concern about anti-White discrimination. Unfortunately,  they perceive rising diversity as a bias against them.

Woke Black person calling ALL White people RACIST 

Unfortunately, there are several fat-phobic remarks made about the woman who wrote the anti-White rhetoric on her whiteboard. Twitter users are stating that her BMI outweighs her IQ. However, it seems that conservatives are moving past mocking people for their race, but instead of their weight. 

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Furthermore, users are speculating what future generations will think of this current generation. They feel that in the next few decades, this would all probably be forgotten. However, some claim that this would be in reference to the “dark ages” of intellectuality rather than being the golden age of enlightenment.  


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As usual, both political ends are pointing fingers to each other. The liberals claim that White people are fine, except those who are supporting the MAGA movement, essentially, Trump supporters. However, conservatives are claiming the contrary as they are stating that the Democrats are the true racist. 

Regardless, it would be ideal that Americans treat each other with respect and dignity without judging the skin color of their peers. The world has gone far from the days where actual racism and discrimination was the norm. 

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