Asia Malaysia 62-year old underwear sniffer caught red handed

62-year old underwear sniffer caught red handed

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We know about U.S. President Joe Biden’s fetish for lady’s hair and how he goes around sniffing people’s heads even in public.

But this guy was probably having a different perspective sniffing on residents’ underwear in a locality in Kuala Lumpur.

The 62-year-old man, alas for him, was detained for smelling a resident’s underwear while, on top of that, acting indecently with it.

This is what a resident of a Sri Sentosa condominium on Jalan Klang Lama told police after the latter recorded his behaviour on camera.

In the video that went viral, the elderly man may be seen smelling and chewing the underwear while sliding one of his hands about his lower body.

When the resident, who is taping the incident, notices the immoral conduct, he calls him out on it, shouting, “What are you doing?”

Fearing that he will get caught, the man swiftly jumped on a motorcycle and rides across a sewer before fleeing the scene.

The story was reported by theSundaily, a local daily paper, and it says the resident informed the owner of the clothes of the matter who then lodged a police report.

Police managed to catch the culprit after the video went viral on Facebook and Twitter, says the paper.



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