Asia Malaysia A man has been charged with having sex with a cat

A man has been charged with having sex with a cat

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These are odd times, and animals are also suffering as a result of man’s lust.

Cats were subjected to crimes by humans with poor morals from Malaysia to Indonesia.

We’ve heard of people raping animals, but this is taking things a little too far.

A senior citizen in Malaysia, Janting an Keling, 63, accused in the Sessions Court in Johor Bahru of having unnatural intercourse with a cat last week, pleaded guilty in court.

Janting did not deny the accusations that were read in front of Judge Fatimah Zahari which says he violated the natural order by having sexual relations with a cat. It happened last week.

The act resulted in the animal’s death, news reports say. 

He was charged under Section 377 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum jail term of 20 years and a fine or whipping.

No bail was offered to the accused who did not have a lawyer. to represent him.

But the accused then appealed for the bail amount (RM15,000) to be reduced because he was jobless and came from Sarawak but was living with his daughter.

“I just came to Johor Bahru from Sarawak and don’t have a job. I also stayed at my daughter’s house,” he said.

The court then set the bail value of RM6,000 with one surety and next May 25 as the case re-mention date.

Detonating firecrackers in a cat’s anus

Meanwhile in Indonesia, police officers from Nusa Tengara managed to catch two suspected perpetrators of cruelty to animals.

The two were arrested on Tuesday, April 19 at their home. They are accused of detonating firecrackers in the cat’s anus.

“Based on the report of one of the animal activists and the pressure from netizens, we managed to catch the two people in the viral video,” says a police official.

The task for the police was made easy when they found recordings of the incident in one of the perpetrators’ mobile phone.

They face at least a 3-months jailing for this inhuman act. The incident took place last week.

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