Health & Fitness A woman reveals her breast implants are moldy

A woman reveals her breast implants are moldy

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If you have an implant and you are itchy or uncomfortable, it is possible that it is infected with something you do not want in your body.
On TikTokwoman claimed that mould had grown on her saline breast implants.
She showed viewers on her YouTube channel what the implants looked like two years after she removed them.
Bunnie (@xomgitsbunnie) of TikTok uploaded the video.
“I had implants in for 13 years,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video. “I started suffering so many symptoms that not one doctor could pinpoint.
“So I explanted in Nov 2020 & it was the best decision I ever made! All symptoms went away, except anxiety sometimes,” she said in the video caption.
In the now-viral video, she shows two stained implants with mould.
The Tiktoker stated that she had the implants removed in 2020 after suspecting that they were causing her illness.
But it was not the moldyness of the implant that were causing her the sickness. The mould apparently grew on the implants after she removed them from her body.

As a matter of fact, she was suffering from what is known as “breast implant illness.” This is something not many people have heard of.

Now we know that some women with breast implants may be suffering from such anxieties. The sickness is not listed as an official sickness from breast implants.

In the video, she shows the implants saying that they have “just been sitting” since they were removed.

“Take a look at that. “That’s what goes inside a human body,” she says in the video.

“Take a look at the mould. It’s no surprise that women have so many issues with these things. It’s revolting.”

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