EntertainmentCelebrityAnticipation for Elon Musk to surpass number of Obama's Twitter followers

Anticipation for Elon Musk to surpass number of Obama’s Twitter followers

Twitter users are excited to see that Elon Musk will very soon surpass Barack Obama in terms of Twitter followers. It is generally known that the more right leaning individuals are rooting for Musk in contrast to Obama. There are clashing opinions about the two influential people on the internet, but since Twitter is now Musk’s platform, most of his supporters are there it seems. 

Just last week, news reports points that Musk is edging closer to becoming the most followed person on Twitter, with his lead over current record holder Barack Obama shrinking to under a million followers. As of writing, Obama has 133,128,202 followers, while Musk has 132,207,559. 

This means that the two are divided by only around 920,000 fans in terms of total followers. Musk has always been a vocal user of Twitter and has seen his follower count steadily grow, especially after he bought the social media site last year. He is now quickly closing the gap on Obama, who has the title of most followers on the platform for a number of years.

However, it seems that this week, the gap is getting even closer. It appears now that Musk is about 100,000 followers away from surpassing the former President of the United States. 

Twitter users rooting for Elon Musk 

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A Twitter page with the username @alx recently posted about the whole ordeal. He simply states that Musk is going up and Obama is going down. Within a week, it seems that the Tesla founder is gaining over a million followers for this. His fans are stating that he should also be the President of the United States. 

Many alternative Twitter profiles are given the freedom to post whatever they deem fit since his take over of the social media platform. Previously, many have lost access to their profile, including Donald Trump. For some this is a loss of freedom, for others it is a necessary step in curbing danger. 


Liberals are stating that Obama is living in their heads “rent free,” or else, why are they still talking about him. This is somewhat true as the former President left his position for about six years now. Regardless, even after his Presidency ended, he is still the most followed person for half a decade. 

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