After the public uproar over the Black British TikToker making a scene all over the UK, it appears that there are more incidents like these. Apparently, there is a group of Black teenagers lighting up actual fireworks and letting it pop off on people in a moving bus. After that, they quickly ran out of the bus in order to avoid getting caught by the police. 

However, the other Black content creator is getting himself into hot waters after the series of pranks he did. According to Metro UK, Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, the infamous 18-year-old prankster,  made a foolish error. His error was recording himself entering into a couple’s home in front of their young children.  

Following that, he will be receiving a £365 fine and a community behavior order that prohibits him from posting videos without the consent of those in them. The order also establishes stricter penalties for trespassing on private property, including potential imprisonment.

Conservatives of all backgrounds are unhappy at the sight of Black teenagers making obscene pranks 


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Unfortunately, a number of these pranks are being done by Black teenagers gaining traction on Twitter. In lieu of this, a couple of racist comments are making their way through. Furthermore, others state that this would be a teachable lesson if one of the teens severely injures themselves. However, it would not be a kind thing to wish such a thing upon a young teen.  

Following that, some users are stating that the bus driver should slam the breaks down and throw the teens out of the bus. However, others state that the bus driver is doing his job, which is driving the bus. Disrupting a routine bus, and the schedules of all the passengers on board is borderline disrespectful. 


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Twitter users are stating the worst cities in Canada. As this video is stated to be filmed in the country. Unfortunately, further assumptions on the locations of where the film was made due to the race of the teenagers. Some are even calling Canada Grand Theft Auto, a popular game that has been around for ages. 


There are several racially inappropriate pictures depicting the teenagers on the thread. Others are stating that if anything were to happen to the boys, their mothers would say that they are harmless. This is despite the fact that they were quite literally, harming people on the bus. Regardless, children of all races are capable of doing this, and parents should teach their children proper etiquettes. 

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Image above is a screen grab from Twitter.

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