politicsWhere is Gal Luft, the analyst who wanted to expose Hunter Biden

Where is Gal Luft, the analyst who wanted to expose Hunter Biden

Israeli professor Gal Luft who US authorities are looking for on suspicion of weapons trafficking is missing in Cyprus. He was in Cyprus custody pending extradition.

After Interpol’s arrest of Luft on a warrant in February his last tweet says that his arrest is politically motivated.

Denying allegations of being an arms dealer he accuses the Department of Justice of trying to protect the Bidens. He says Joe, Jim and Hunter are all in it.

Gal Luft On Bail

Local police in Cyprus says Luft went missing on March 28. The situation is still under investigation. Meanwhile, the mainstream media in the US and Europe has completely forgotten about this man.

Jerusalem Post says the Israeli professor was released on bail while a court deliberation on his extradition was on.

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Dr Gal Luft hosted several conferences with CEFC’s nonprofit arm. He claims that Hunter Biden has an FBI mole with the code name ‘One-Eye’. The latter tips off CEFC executives that they were under investigation.

Luft says that the charges are a trumped-up attempt to silence him over his alleged dirt on the Bidens.

Luft claims that Hunter’s ‘One-Eye’ contact was either a current or former FBI official who was ‘extremely well placed’ and who CEFC paid lots of money to provide sealed law enforcement information. Luft claims that he was told this information by CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming. Ye was tipped off by ‘One-Eye’ that prosecutors for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) were investigating the Chinese oil giant executives in late 2017.

Sealed Indictment

According to Luft’s lawyer Robert Henoch, ‘One-Eye’ told Ye about a sealed indictment naming ‘an Asian, an African, and a Jewish guy’. Ye then fled to China, leaving behind his family at his $50 million penthouse in 15 Central Park West. The story was recounted to the New York Post last week by Henoch, who is currently in Israel fighting Luft’s extradition to the US.

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Luft’s claims add to the ongoing controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China, including his past work with CEFC. The allegations of an FBI mole and CEFC’s alleged access to sealed law enforcement information will likely add fuel to the fire and further increase scrutiny of the Biden family.

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