AsiaIndonesia woman gets surprised with a money cake containing $19,000 in cash...

Indonesia woman gets surprised with a money cake containing $19,000 in cash as a birthday gift.

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Moneycake 200 jt dr bestie,, thankyou @nindyakib @strawberr30 @indahsariakib surgakii🔥🔥😍😘❤️🤙 #fy #moneycake #moneycakesurprise #moneycakebirthday #makassarbosku

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What a surprise, and according to the happy woman who shared a video of a cake with the cash on TikTok, it was a present from friends.

Nonetheless, TikTokers are astounded by the generous gift and the enormous cake, with the video receiving 605,000 likes and 36,000 tongues wagging.

Of course, there were individuals who tried to be amusing with their remarks. They would suggest that if carrying the monetary burden is onerous, they could be called in to assist.

@titimelyana shared the video, which has 3.9 million views on TikTok, on her profile page. She is from Makassar, South Sulawesi, and claims she received the present on April 21 as part of her 26th birthday celebrations.

“Coincidentally, on Thursday (April 21), we broke our fast together,” said the woman named Titin Sri Melyana.

She adds that she was shocked when her three good friends suddenly gave her a Moneycake arranged with paper money like a tower.

Another huge birthday gift


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Another birthday surprise was in Malaysia, with a person spending RM300,000 as gift from loving parents to a child.

“Happy birthday Ali (Happy birthday Ali),” said a birthday greeting written on sand and heart emojis exclusively on the beach on a private island.

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Such was the good fortune of a four-year-old child who watched the shock from a helicopter that he and his family boarded.

Farah MJ, the child’s mother, claimed she and her family recently flew by helicopter from Kuala Lumpur to a private island in Pangkor, Perak, for a vacation at a resort.

The woman says the son is loving, clever and a good listener. Though the helicopter flight, the first for the kid, was a big surprise, the mom says the son was more than happy with a multi-story cake.

She told the local media, in March, that the cost of the holiday and the birthday celebrations was around RM300,000!

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