LifeIQ test scores have fallen in America, netizens not surprised 

IQ test scores have fallen in America, netizens not surprised 

There is a shocking revelation that the IQ test scores in America are at the lowest point for the first time in decades. However, some netizens do not find this surprising at all, especially with the rise of redundant social issues. 

According to the NY Post, The journal Intelligence published a study that examined changes in IQ levels across generations in the US. The study focused on the 18 to 22 age group and revealed a significant decline in IQ scores, particularly among those with less education.

The researchers’ main objective was to investigate whether the “Flynn effect,” which refers to the steady rise in IQ scores across generations, had changed between 2006 and 2018. The study’s findings suggest a reversal of this trend and raising concerns about the potential impact of these changes on society.

Reactions towards the American IQ test scores declining 


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Clown World on Twitter posted a screenshot of the NY Post article. The Twitter account remarks that this information looks to be valid. Furthermore, a netizen speculates that the upcoming generation will have an even bigger decline in IQ test scores. 

Some are accusing the American education system by jokingly stating that school children are no longer taught their ABCs. According to some, this is because the kids are now learning about social issues and gender identity issues. The netizen adds that America’s rivals, China and Russia are laughing at them now. 

Furthermore, others are citing that the Covid-19 lockdowns are to be blamed for this educational decline. This is because school children are not learning much through online learning, claimed the netizen. Another Twitter user is pointing fingers to the parents of today, who they claim is not willing to help kids with their homework. 

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Another netizen cites that they graduated in 2018 and is looking at the steady decline in the American education system. Furthermore, the netizen adds that during his time in school, the teachers disliked him due to the questions he asked. 

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