Asia Malaysia Johor has a real life Tinder in a 'love' convenience store!

Johor has a real life Tinder in a ‘love’ convenience store!

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There is no need to download an APP where the possibility of hooking up for your best love story may never occur.

Simply go to this ‘convenience’ shop and you will most likely, and the chances are far greater than viewing images on an APP, fall in love.

At least, that’s what a post on the MAI LOVE Facebook page suggests.

The post says the following (direct translation from Chinese on Facebook):

“I’ve been waiting for a long time, everyone! Malaysia’s first single-stop convenience store will officially join Eco Botanic in April. A new way for young people to socialize offline. You can admire love once you come.”
It says the store offers a free experience and gives away a gift bag worth RM40 to the first 30 customers daily at IMAI LOVE, a single-stop convenience store.
The post continues, saying, their store is full of little ‘brothers and sisters’ (perhaps it means something else in Chinese) who are waiting for you to come and “take-home”
It is located at the Eco Botanical Garden in the Iskandar Puteri area. The shop’s name is MAI LOVE Single-Selling Convenience Store.
“Making love is a process full of surprises and expectations, not knowing who will open their own door,” says the translation.
Though it does not state it, it is clear that because there are so many online dating applications accessible nowadays, this café is allowing individuals to try out the offline dating strategy.
This will allow them to meet new friends or possibly discover their future partners.
The concept is new though in the past, there were the speed dating. Speed dating is an organised matchmaking technique that encourages eligible individuals to meet a large number of new possible partners in a short amount of time.
Nonetheless, because you don’t know who is waiting for you at the love store, this new formula appears to be more spontaneous.
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