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“See You There” – Wife dies after hospital wedding triggers heartbreak on TikTok

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“Today is the eighth day, I have to go to work again, I’ll stay first … I’ll come here again in the afternoon before Eid, I’ll bring sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻 God willing. Bye Anggun,” is the message on TikTok of a man who married his wife in a hospital.

The wife died after the wedding (Islamic) ceremony held in the hospital room.

“Let my recovery go slowly, I am still in love (with her) when she left,” he says after she passed away. The husband wrote this in another TikTok video.

Their love story has captivated the social media platform. Followers have left diverse words of anguish, love, and strength, but life will never be the same for Baskoro Wicaksono Martowidjojo.

The video of him marrying his fiancΓ©e while she was in the hospital bed drew massive attention. And a lot of tears from netizens who describe their love story as out of the norm and something they will never forget.


Sampai jumpa dikeabadian, akan aku ceritakan perjalananku setelah tanpa kamu di bumi

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The video has elicited emotions since the pair opted to get married while the girlfriend is in hospital.

What’s more heartbreaking for viewers is that at the end of the short video in black and white, a gravestone appears, indicating that the wife is no longer here.

The video’s owner captioned it with phrases that got to people’s hearts.

“Until we meet in eternity, I will tell you about my journey after (i am left without you) on earth”. And he is keeping up with his promise, posting more heartwrenching videos days after she passed away.

At the time of writing, the video had received 13.4m views, 1.6M likes and 27.9K comments on TikTok.

Read some of the comments left behind by netizens and followers of the video owner.

The end message from this user is, “Not many will stay put when their loved one is sick.”

This user sees this tale as proof that not all guys are the same, which is something that far too many people seem to state when they have issues with males.

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