Gen-Zs and Gen-As today are commonly known for spending their time on TikTok. Now, the social media app is restricting the usage of teens on the app by one hour. The social media app is notorious for the content that is on it, regardless of how strict the content rules are. 

According to TikTok’s news room, over the next few weeks, all accounts owned by users under the age of 18 will be assigned a daily screen time limit of 60 minutes. They state that there is no optimal amount of screentime or a consensus on its impact. 

However, research from the experts at the Digital Wellness Lab of Boston Children’s Hospital is helping them determine it. Furthermore, researchers have advised the social media app to implement this limit. 

TikTok is also placing options for teens to choose their respective limits. Some limits might go over 100 minutes if they choose to do so. They will also send a weekly report to their teen users regarding their time spent on the app. 

Netizen’s reaction to time limits implemented by TikTok


Netizens are stating that this will only work if the app cracks down on age verifications for the app. If there is no verifications to a user’s age, the implementation system might not even work as some teens would simply just lie about their age. 

An online commenter states that they will simply create multiple accounts to deter such limits. Following that, it is possible for a user to create multiple accounts for themselves. It may be a little tedious but it is still possible. 


Netizens are citing that teens can potentially disable this option as it is not forced upon them. They state that this is to appease parents hearing about this feature on the news. Others state that parental control is still necessary for the feature to take full effect and that it is the right step for apps to take. 


Some people are expressing their shock towards those who spend hours on the app. Despite this, there are plenty who would spend more than three hours watching videos non-stop. It is simply the nature of the app to be addictive for some users. 

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