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A woman is receiving backlash from patriotic Americans for saying that it is unnecessary  to have the American flag on all the streets. She claims that Americans are pushing their patriotism towards everyone through multiple ways, which includes clothing. 

According to HowStuffWorks, Americans have an unparalleled enthusiasm for flag-waving, perhaps unlike anywhere else on Earth. The Flag Manufacturers Association of America estimates that around 150 million American flags of various sizes are selling annually (although many are from China). 

A new flag is produced for every individual in the United States, including men, women, and children. There are some that are questioning the validity of their love for the freedom representing the flag, but generally most Americans are protective of it. 

Netizens are upset at the woman for making such statements about the American flag


Twitter page Clown World recently posted a video of a TikToker questioning that fact. She also complains about the fact that America is a majority English speaking country. Furthermore, she states that Americans are one of the most overworked people in the world. This is together with longer hours for a corporate job. 

Netizens who are not American are surprised at the fact that many Americans are “hateful” towards their country. A commenter from England and states that he would definitely understand if he sees the British flag all over the streets of London. This is because it’s his country’s flag. 


Conservative Twitter users are asking that the woman move to another country of her liking. Most countries in the world are not perfect, moving to another one will simply expose the flaws of another culture.

Others complain about how Americans behave when they are overseas. Weird food habits such as spreading mayonnaise on bread while being in a European country having amazing food available baffles some. 

An article published on USA Today claims that some university students are looking at the American flag as an oppressive figure. It is a concerning behaviour as if an individual has no love for their own country. Some speculate that society might head towards a decline. 

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