Business & EconomyIs air travel safety on the brink of disaster?

Is air travel safety on the brink of disaster?

An opinion piece in the Washington Post suggests that air travel safety is at its breaking point. Currently, air crashes are a few in between, and the most recent headline grabbing disaster is about the 737-8 Max. However, that happened a few years ago and it appears that Boeing has rectified the aircraft’s flaws. 

According to the article, in the last quarter, there has been a concerning surge in commercial aviation incidents that have narrowly avoided catastrophic accidents. The frequency and severity of these events underscore the pressing need for immediate and decisive measures to improve safety in the aviation industry.

Furthermore, there is a number of non-fatal incidents that is occuring within the industry. About five recorded near accidents occurred within the last two months. This would be deadly if the issues were not able to be rectified. An aircraft diving down thousands of feet, communication components failing, and near collisions. 

Netizens react to the concerning safety of air travel 

Netizens are not oblivious that the airlines are in the business for profits. Similar to any business as a matter of fact. The same netizen claims that because of this, airlines do not care about the safety of their passengers. A bold accusation nevertheless. 

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Simple Flying states that flying is still the safest mode of transportation we have today. It has greatly improved in terms of safety from its early days. Back in the 1960s, it was actually more dangerous to fly as the fatality rate was one in 350,000 passengers. Today, the fatality rate is one in 7.9 million. 

Liberal netizens are accusing the right wingers of not caring enough towards safety regulations in the aviation field. Another netizen responds by saying that political ideologies should not be injected into businesses that are responsible for the lives of millions of people using their services on a daily basis. 

A concerning fact that is raised by the Washington Post is that the Federal Aviation Administration’s current head is not a permanent one. Claims that the congress is underfunding the administration for the last few decades can also be another factor to the possible decline in safety. 

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