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InternationalA cop got fired after getting the phrase "Pure Evil" tattooed on...

A cop got fired after getting the phrase “Pure Evil” tattooed on his knuckles

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To begin with, the Cincinnati cop already had a shaky record, but while this did not end his career in law enforcement, a tattoo did.

He tattooed the words “pure evil” on his knuckles, thinking it would be fine with the force.
He was completely wrong, as this resulted in Eric Weyda’s dismissal from his job after 16 years on the force.
He got “pure” tattooed on his right knuckles and “evil” on his left knuckles. He is now attempting to reclaim his job.
Weyda challenged the dismissal decision and filed a grievance with the Fraternal Order of Police.
Earlier, the said he could not remove the tatoo due to the cost.

Weyda was fired from the department in late April for insubordination and failure of good behaviour, four months after his superiors noticed his new hand tattoo, according to public records requests made by a local radio station in Cincinnati.

Tattoos on the face, neck, head, and hands are prohibited by department policy.

After getting the tattoo, Weyda was reassigned to the impound lot “to limit his public exposure.”

Cincinnati police leadership says, “Officer Weyda’s tattoos are a violation that is ongoing and permanent. Additionally, Officer Weyda’s tattoos do not promote the professional and neutral image of the Cincinnati Police Department and are injurious to the public trust.”

In 2019, some police departments in the US were relaxing the rules regarding tattoos.

To demonstrate its new tattoo-friendliness, the Austin Police Department posted photos of tattooed officers on social media to celebrate National Tattoo Day.

Weyda was “counselled” for doing a burnout in his personal vehicle in the district 3 parking lot a month before he was reassigned for his tattoo. During his 16-year tenure with the department, he was disciplined for a variety of reasons, including absenteeism and using vulgar language on calls.

He was recognised in 2012 and 2013 for his investigative abilities and for apprehending a suspect armed with a gun.

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