Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalA man who was slashed in half begged to be kept alive

A man who was slashed in half begged to be kept alive

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This is not a story for the faint hearted, it is a story of someone who has the urge to live and who refused to die, despite the condition he was left in after a horrific accident.

A forklift ripped the guy in half, but he implored rescuers and his family to do everything they could to save him.

In order to avoid dying, he had to stay alive, even if it meant being a “head on a plate.”

Loren Schauers, 20, of Montana, begged to be kept alive despite the risks after his body was severed by the forklift, according to his wife, Sabia Reiche, 23.

Loren Schauers, 20, was crushed by a forklift in a tragic accident in September 2019 and is documenting his recovery on YouTube with his wife, but the couple says questions about their sex life are ‘disrespectful.’

He was operating on a forklift on a bridge when he fell 50 feet and was crushed by the lift, which severed his arm and crushed his lower torso.

Following his appeal, his family was faced with the difficult dilemma of whether or not to urge doctors to rescue him.

The physicians had no choice but to split him in half, but they also ran the risk of having to face him alive and having him reject his new state.

When asked if he wanted to have the surgery, the construction worker gave the physicians a “dead in the eye” look and requested the life-saving procedure.

The young man has bravely spoken about his recovery, saying he lost his legs and right forearm three years ago.

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The former labourer from Great Falls in Montana, USA was involved in the freak accident in while working with a forklift on a bridge, with traffic forcing him to get too close to the edge.

He fell and was crushed by the forklift and was not given much chance of a survival. But he pulled through and people are amazed with his character.

In order to preserve his life, doctors conducted an emergency hemicorperectomy on him, which meant everything below his waist was severed.

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