Asia Malaysia A missing content creator emerges on Facebook to divorce his 'poisoning' wife

A missing content creator emerges on Facebook to divorce his ‘poisoning’ wife

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DJ Wong, a Malaysian content producer whose true name is Noor Aziz Johari, was reported missing by his wife, yet he reappears 7 days later only to divorce her via a Facebook Livestream.

The wife, who is also a DJ known as DJ SAL and goes by the true name Ku Sabariah Ku Hambali, reacted angrily to his allegations.

The Facebook users who follow them – about 95,000 of them – were perplexed, since the drama caught them off guard!

However, most of them were sympathetic towards DJ Wong, seeing him pleading with the people to understand his situation. Most of them said they will pray for his wellbeing, particularly during this holy month of fasting.

Both the husband and the wife are DJs for the popular Facebook group ‘DJ Wong and Sal Bollywood,’ and the police and the wife were looking for the missing content producer for seven days.

The 53-year-old man posted a 15-minute video to a new Facebook profile in which he explained that he was safe.

In the video, a tearful DJ Wong swears on a Quran or Islamic religious book that he is not lying about his wife ‘poisoning’ him.

He did not, however, define what he meant by poisoning, leaving most of his followers in suspense.

He said that he left home on his own volition because of marital problems. He went on to say that despite leaving with only his phone and RM2.70 in his pocket, he managed to survive.

The message in the video heightened the tension with his wife after he pronounced the divorce online.

In Islamic customs, the man has the sole right to divorce the wife by saying ‘Talak’ or ‘Divorce’. This is what the DJ did during the Livestream.

But the wife responded by uploading a video in which she refuted the charges made by the divorcing husband. The wife’s video can’t be found on their Facebook page as it was apparently removed.

“I was crying for 7 days and couldn’t eat and this is what you do to me.” She also challenged him to be a man and face her properly instead of announcing the divorce through a Facebook live.

“Wait for me in court, DJ Wong. If you can play these games, so can I, but I will do it the right way. You think that just because you’re wearing a baju melayu, cut your hair and have a Quran in front of you, you think you’re right,” she says.


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