Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalA woman became pregnant while already expecting a baby

A woman became pregnant while already expecting a baby

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It may sound impossible for some who may also believe that it is a hoax but no, it happened and reports say it is a rare condition for some women.

The mom, who gave birth to twins, now says it is a miracle.

‘I 100% believe it was a miracle just because of everything that happened in my pregnancy journey.’

The 30-year-old had three miscarriages before becoming pregnant again… while already expecting.

Her condition called superfetation is an extremely unusual occurrence in which a second pregnancy occurs days or even weeks following the first.

Cara, from Texas, asked the doctor, “What happened?” when she found out she was pregnant again. The first time he wasn’t there, he wasn’t there. ‘What the hell is going on?’

‘She said I ovulated twice, discharged two eggs, and they were fertilised at various times, about a week apart,’ she continues.

Cara had three miscarriages – one of which nearly killed her. She told the story of this miscarriage that could have ended her life.

She told the news outlet that carried her story in the U.S. that in that case, her baby was stuck in her cervix and there was a lot of blood.

‘I blacked out and they said that the tissue, which I guess is what they call the baby, had gotten stuck in my cervix and I was bleeding out and they said if I had stayed home for maybe thirty more minutes I would have died.’

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In March 2021, the math interventionist tutor learned she was expecting a child. After several ultrasound she heard the good news.

The doctor informed her that she was expecting a baby.

Cara went in for a seven-week ultrasound two weeks later to make sure there was still a heartbeat, but there were two foetuses.

The scan revealed that she was expecting two twins, one conceived a week apart.

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