Asia Malaysia A woman convicted of killing her husband saved from the gallows!

A woman convicted of killing her husband saved from the gallows!

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Malaysia has witnessed a number of recent criminal case victories, including the release of a man convicted of drug trafficking, and today local news reports say a 22-year-old woman was released from the death penalty for murdering her husband.

After being found guilty of murdering her husband five years ago, the High Court in Johor, Muar, ordered the lady to be imprisoned for a length of time until she is pardoned by the Sultan of Johor.

The woman was only a teenager at the time of the incident and this contributed to her not getting the mandatory death sentence for murder. She was charged under Section 302 with killing her husband, Firdaus Md Sallehuddin, 28, on Oct 14, 2017.

“On the day of the incident, you were 17 years, 11 months and 10 days old. You were still defined as a minor under the Child Act 2001,” he said, adding that she could appeal to the Pardons Board and the Sultan of Johor for commutation of the sentence.

“If you were an adult at the time, I would have had to impose the death penalty. Thank God, you are saved from the death penalty. I pray that you lead a better life after this.

“I have heard your lawyer’s appeal stating that your life has been one full of sorrow,” the Judge, Judicial commissioner Awang Armadajaya Awang Mahmud said, adding as the woman was a minor when the offence was committed, she could not be sentenced to death, but rather jailed for a period until pardoned by the sultan.

The woman had stabbed her husband — a poultry shop assistant — with a vegetable knife five months into their marriage.

Drug charges

A woman sobbed until she had to be calmed by her father-in-law after the Court of Appeal released and acquitted her husband who was accused of drug trafficking.

The judgment meant that the husband’s death sentence was lifted. The man a former worker of the sofa repair workshop.

A three -judge panel led by Datuk Seri Kamaludin Md. Said and sitting with Datuk Ahmad Nasfy Yasin and Datuk Hashim Hamzah unanimously decided to acquit Ahmad Kamil Anuar, 37, of the charge.

They said the High Court had erred in convicting the man in connection with the drug trafficking offense.

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