Asia Malaysia According to a politician, Malaysian Malays face the same fate as Singapore...

According to a politician, Malaysian Malays face the same fate as Singapore and Penang Malays

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Malays in Malaysia would lose their land in the next 20 years if they do not take care of and nurture their property properly, according to Datuk Dr Ibrahim Ali, President of Parti Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia (Putra).

He emphasised that, due to the government’s failure to protect the Constitution, which grants Malays special rights, the Malay majority will surely suffer the same fate as their race in Singapore and Penang.

“I believe, in the next 20 years, the Malays will lose their land in Malaysia, the Malays in Malaysia will become the Malays of Singapore and the Malays of Penang.

“I have mentioned before about the history of the Palestinians and we have seen in other countries how some people have become refugees in their land. Malaysia is the only Malay country in the world.

“Indonesia is called the Indonesian nation, but we in Malaysia are a Malay country despite the name Malaysia, which was formerly the Federation of Malaya,” he said in a statement.

Ibrahim Ali was an MP in the state of Kelantan representing the Umno in 1986. He left Umno to join the Semangat 46 and defended his seat as an MP in 1990. He then rejoined the Umno in 1991 only to leave the party again to form various political and socio-cultural organisations. He is currently the leader of the Putra. He is currently not an MP.

He says though the Malays make up 70 per cent of the population of Malaysia, the land belonging to the Malays is shrinking while towns are widening but they do not belong to the Malays anymore.

“We see the land belonging to the Malays and the indigenous people is starting to shrink, the towns even though they are widening, they do not belong to the Malays. Even in the villages when shophouses are developed, they do not belong to the Malays. Malays are getting stuck.

“When I talk like this, I am accused of being racist, I am accused of being like a frog under a shell, I am not liberal. I do not follow the passage of time, because this is the time of so-called Malaysia for all, Malaysia for Malaysian. The right to equality.”

He launched an appeal to the Malay Muslims in the country to unite to save their assets and their land, which according to him, is being taken away by others.

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