Tuesday, September 27, 2022
RelationshipsAre ‘Alpha males’ on the rise on TikTok?

Are ‘Alpha males’ on the rise on TikTok?

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Cigars, tattoos, and shaved heads are all popular, are these the characteristics of alpha males?

From Andrew Tate, who tells the camera, ‘Females are barely sentient,’ to other self-proclaimed alpha males on TikTok, the trend is growing, but few seem concerned.

‘Females don’t have independent thought,’ says Tate. They are unable to produce any results. They’re just empty vessels waiting for someone to programme them.’

We don’t know what this is if it isn’t a misogynistic display. Though many are laughing at his TikTok performance, Tate’s highly inflammatory opinions have amassed a total of 11.4 billion views on the platform.

Tate, a former kickboxer and Big Brother contestant who has been questioned about allegations of human trafficking and rape (which he denies), is more searched online than Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian.

Who are alpha males?

Alpha males believe they are strong and successful, talking about ‘hustling’ and ‘getting money,’ and frequently spouting pseudo-philosophy that is no more intellectually nourishing than a nursery rhyme.

They absolutely, categorically despise women, who are frequently referred to as “females,” robbing them of even the most basic recognition of their humanity. Remember, Tate says women are barely sentient.

For alpha males, the few good women out there – they must be pliant and serviant – are not to be treated that differently from other women. They are to be handled with a sustained level of suspicion.

Another ‘alpha male’ and dating coach claims that men are encouraged to lie to women in order to ‘keep’ them interested.

‘Because when we’re honest and say all we want is to get into your sweet, watery guts, they’re gone,’ he explains.

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‘Because women are f***ing backwards,’ he says. Over 120,000 people have watched the video.

Some experts believe the issue about alpha males is just a thing that will pass just like other trends.

They say these guys are not smart or savvy but they take advantage of the situation.

They may have figured out that there’s lots of men who have podcasts but to make a different and gain traction, some of the men – a small group of them indeed – shows up with sunglasses, smoking a cigar and says the craziest thing you’ve ever heard hoping and knowing that such a clip will go viral.

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