AsiaMalaysiaHow did the Batang Kali, Genting tragedy happen?

How did the Batang Kali, Genting tragedy happen?

People were sleeping in the early hours of Friday (Dec 16) at a campsite in Batang Kali, near Genting Highlands in Malaysia when tragedy struck with a massive landlide, killing 24 men, women, and children.

Survivors say they heard a loud sound like thunder that became louder, then it happened very fast.

Lound bang at Batang Kali

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They recall that it was actually the rocks falling that made the loud bang.

Some of the survivors also say they were camping with 40 others when the landslide struck, tearing down a hillside above Father’s Organic Farm in Batang Kali.

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Some people who were awake saw what happened and crawled out of the shaky land mass to save themselves.

It was a thick mud, downed trees and many other debris including mangled tents where the people were sleeping.

It took the search and rescue teams half an hour to arrive at the scene after they received distress calls.

Children died at Batang Kali

A total of 94 people were caught in the landslide and 61 survived so far. Among the survivors is a tale of injuries and other traumas.

Among those taken to the hospital was a pregnant woman. Her condition was determined to be stable.

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Another person suffered facial injuries as well as a dislocated hip.

A victim was taken to Kuala Lumpur Hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

The death toll: At least 25 people, including 7 children.

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The Father’s Organic Farm campsite operator said 51 adults and 30 children were registered at the campsite.

Then the news came that the site at Batang Kali was given the ‘permission’ to operate though they did not have a proper permit.

The authorities say the chance of finding more survivors was slim given the lack of oxygen and the weight of mud pressing down on the site.

The Batang Kali tragedy is one of the biggest natural disasters to occur in Malaysia for years.

This year, the country has seen a series of landslides and floods all blamed on climate change.

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