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Born poor is a privilege, says influencer who paid cash for a Lamborghini

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A rich influencer who pays cash for his life-sized toys is making waves in Indonesia by teaching a life lesson.

After growing tired of his BMW and Porsche, the young man paid cash for a brand new Lamborghini.

However, this was insufficient to make tongues wag in Medan.

In a post on Instagram, the young man, Indra Kusuma, also known as Indra Kenz, became a hot topic regarding the issue of privileges.

Not a stranger to controversies, he posted that being born poor is a privilege.

“Actually, being born poor is also a privilege, you can feel (how you are) struggling to be successful. If you are born from a rich family, the mental pressure is greater,” Indra Kenz later explained in a TV show.

He believes that a person who is born wealthy cannot be poor. As a result, those born rich must bear the burden of high expectations to become even richer.

“If you are born rich, you can’t be poor, you have to be richer and that’s hard,” continued Indra Kenz.


Netizens slammed Indra Kenz’s statement right away. They attacked the latter in several comments in response to his statement.

The debate erupted on Twitter, where a screenshot of his ‘privileges’ statement was posted.

“Did you ever want to die because you were so poor that you didn’t have any money? Did you ever just eat tempeh for your family? Poverty = privilege? Bacot,” a netizen said.

“Yes, my boss, I pray that your child is born poor to be privileged, he can learn to fight without getting a lot of pressure to become richer. Amen,” the netizen added.

Indra Kesuma was born in Rantauprapat, North Sumatra on May 31, 1996. He is the eldest of two brothers from a modest family.

“If we want to eat, ride four motorcycles,” said Indra Kenz on a TV Talkshow.

He said he started working from the age of 16 and it was not an easy life.

Not wanting to live in a state of not having enough, Indra Kenz tried various jobs.

“Starting from online sales, cafes, clubs and taxi-hailing services,” he said.

But at the age of 21, he strikes gold.

Success came when Indra Kenz was 21 years old. Working as an insurance clerk and selling branded watch products made him suddenly rich.

He sold a lot of watches and made tons of money, he said.

He became known as the ‘Crazy Rich Medan’ boy and got the media into a frenzy when he bought a Tesla.

Tired of the Tesla, he then bought a Ferrari. He paid cash and posted it on his TikTok account to show it off.

“Yesterday I bought a Tesla at 3 am, now I want to buy a car because I’m tired of guys with Tesla, I’m tired of Ferrari,” he said.

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