Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney has come under scrutiny after allegations from the @LibsofTikTik Twitter account claiming the controversial influencer demanding $40,000 for speaking engagements on women empowerment at colleges in the US. Social media users also accused her agent, Crista Spadafore, of confirming the claims.

According to Sportskeeda, Mulvaney announces on social media that the influencer was seeking work and open to booking speaking gigs at universities. Mulvaney shared a link to a Creative Arts Agency highlighting her expertise in LGBTQIA+ advocacy. 

Additionally, the allegations are sparking outrage on social media. Some Twitter posts are using incorrect pronouns for the influencer, who identifies with she/her or they/them pronouns.

Conservatives vehemently angry at Dylan Mulvaney for charging high prices to talk about women’s issues 

Furthermore, Chaya Raichik, the founder of Libs of TikTok states that this is another win for the patriarchy. Conservative men are stating that most men can only dream of talking about women and get paid $40,000 to do so. Some are giving their ironic respect towards Mulvaney for pulling this off. 


In addition to this, conservatives claim that this is a big slap in the face to women. They claim that now men can be women and tell women they are better. Furthermore, they are getting well above the average salaries of women in America to talk about women’s issues. Many are finding this to be a big problem in society. 

Following that, some state that this is the drawback of having the freedom of speech. However, conservatives disagree as they state that this is a good thing. It is good to know who the conservatives are actually up against, and it’s all thanks to the freedom of speech. 

Regardless, this is seemingly upsetting both centrist and conservative women. There are a number of women struggling in America, yet none of them have the privilege of getting $40,000 to attend a talk. This is of course are in the perspective of the conservatives. 

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