Thursday, December 1, 2022
InternationalEgg yolks that can salvage your love life

Egg yolks that can salvage your love life

Rest assured, the trick is not to crack the eggs anywhere on your body. On TikTok, women are sharing this egg-love hack.

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For some folks, this could form part of the most important parts of their life. That is to find the G-spot in love-making, which is notoriously difficult to locate and experts would agree to that.

But a love expert, writing for an Australian portal in her regular column, has revealed some interesting facts and hacks that many believe actually work.

This is what Nadia Bokody who went on a search for the best hacks that would improve one’s love life.

Here they are and don’t be surprised if you are not aware of them. For those who are aware of these tricks, you must be doing the right thing!

And one of the hacks shared by the expert involvesĀ an egg yolk. At a time when eggs are becoming a talking point in households in some countries, you can wonder whether you want to try them out.

Rest assured, the trick is not to crack the eggs anywhere on your body. On TikTok, women are sharing this egg-love hack.

They say they have been using eggs to improve their sex lives. How do they do that? People are practising their pleasure techniques by ‘caressing’ raw egg yolks. But why?

Well, ladies, it’s about the vulvas and how delicate they are. Some ladies are learning, by caressing the yolk, how to put the right pressure on the clitorous area.

They say applying too much pressure can be painful, thus it needs a soft swirt of the finger to bring enough stimulation. Huh.

The sexpert says this is demonstrated in a TikTok clip that had 13 million views. Shows how much the ladies want to get maximum pleasure.

In the video, a woman gently circles a raw egg yolk with her thumb, showing that, when she applies even the tiniest bit of pressure, the yolk immediately breaks.

In her column, Nadia Bokody says she scoured the internet for the best advice available and found that perhaps not surprisingly, women find it difficult to get orgasm solely through penetration.

However, a trick that has been used “since the dawn of Reddit” could assist ladies in locating the erogenous zone. And this involves using a pillow. It apparently helps you to hit the sweet spot.

Well, another method is coffee. The use of caffein may stimulate your brain, they say and it will give you a sensation of great sex.

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