Life45% of YOUNG WOMEN to be SINGLE by 2030, feminists BLAMING men...

45% of YOUNG WOMEN to be SINGLE by 2030, feminists BLAMING men for failing on women 

A concerning statistic is currently viral on Twitter citing a study that claims 45% of young women between the age of 25-44 will be single in 2030. In addition to this, some men are stating that women are too picky when it comes to dating. Furthermore, their argument is that women will not settle down for “broke” “ugly” men. 

Medium states that the study was done by Morgan Stanley. Following that, this projection highlights the evolving dynamics of the modern dating landscape. This is indicating that nearly half of women in their prime “childbearing” years may not have a male partner. Several factors contribute to this forecast. 

One of the reasons is that women are no longer rushing into marriage at a young age. Furthermore, with a multitude of choices available to them, marriage is no longer the default path. Instead, they are prioritizing their careers, pursuing higher education, exploring the world through travel, nurturing our friendships and expanding their social circles. 

Twitter users reacting to almost half of young women being single by 2030 

Feminists are stating that certain men who aren’t financially stable or conventionally attractive should seek out “plain” or “chubby” girls. This is due to some stating that these men typically prefer dating conventionally attractive women. However, these women typically have more options available to them. 

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A “meninist” states that women should be more upfront towards them wanting attractive men as well. He adds by saying that women would prefer being single rather than being in a relationship with someone unattractive. However, Twitter users disagree with his sentiment stating that he is the problem for thinking as such. 

Others are stating that in the previous generations, we would typically see a more attractive woman either being in a relationship with or marrying a less attractive guy. However, with the internet, standards have risen dramatically. 

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There are some men stating that hygiene, education and earning an income are key factors in getting a relationship with a woman. Furthermore, the same individual states that men who do not care for themselves should not complain if a woman does not prefer dating them. 

Regardless, it is a concerning statistic as there will be a population decline in the future if this continues. It may have a severe impact towards the economy in the future, but we will have to wait and see. 

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