Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist recently has gotten herself in headlines all over the world after deleting her tweet from 2018. The tweet entails that if we do not stop using fossil fuels, by 2023 it will wipe out humanity. Pretty intense for an activist to say that. 

According to the Daily Mail, numerous prominent conservatives have swiftly ridiculed the environmentalist for the apparent blunder. This is a situation Thunberg is familiar with, because of her previous encounters with Andrew Tate and Donald Trump.

Charlie Kirk, founder of the conservative organisation Turning Point USA, tweeted: “One of the best headlines of the year so far… ‘Greta Thunberg deletes 2018 tweet claiming the world will end in 2023 after the world does not end.'”

Internet users react to Greta Thunberg’s deleted tweet 


A number of conservative users flock to Clown World’s Twitter page after they uploaded a screenshot of the news. Moreover, one post cites that the wrong people are getting the attention, meanwhile, credible researchers such as Dr. Judith Curry is getting no media coverage. 

Another internet user successfully unearthed a screenshot of her removed tweet. In response to her earlier statement, some individuals humorously expressed their hopes for lower fossil fuel prices before humanity’s demise. Additionally, the commenter asserted that, overall, humans have experienced a good journey.


Her supporters claim that she stated that if we did not make any significant changes, then only we would be doomed. However, there are others claiming that we did not make any major changes when it comes to fossil fuel consumptions. 

Some are stating that all the past doomsday cults always get the date to the end of the world wrong. Another user joked that they are still waiting for a refund after the failed “end of the world” prediction in 2012. 

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