Entertainment Have you played the slapping game at slapchris.com?

Have you played the slapping game at slapchris.com?

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While Will Smith has apologised to Chris Rock and the Academy for his massive slap on stage and has since resigned from the Academy during the ongoing inquiry, the internet never forgets.

As a result, the “How Fast Can You Slap Chris Rock?” website was born. The game is about slapping Rock.

To do so, players just have to drag their cursor hand, and the game even measures the hand’s speed so that players may enhance their score.

The game, which debuted on April Fools’ Day with the URL “slapchris.com,” is all about how fast you can smack Rock and comes with a hand emoji and a picture of Rock’s head showing on the screen when you access the website.

Will Smith made news across the world for slapping Chris Rock during this year’s Oscars ceremony, making it a memorable night.

The game will also become highly popular if users grow addicted to it, despite the fact that there are so many other ‘slap’ games available online.

On March 28, Smith came up on stage and confronted Rock after the host made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett- Smith’s, looks.

Punch Putin

The game offers another alternative, that could also become very popular among netizens. You can switch to the ‘Punch Putin’ game!

Trying the game is fun. Our slap of Mr Rock in the game gave a speed of 44km/h while a punch against Mr Putin resulted in a speed of 81km/h. Amazing.

The site allows you to share your score on Twitter or Facebook. It also has the option to donate to Ukraine which is facing a long Russian invasion.

Nevertheless, it seems cool to try the game out. No harm.

On the other hand, WWE fighter Ric Flair who knows a thing or two about selling a slap believes Will Smith’s on-stage assault on Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars was not what it appeared to be. It was fake, he says.

Rock, 57, was presenting the Best Documentary Feature prize at the 94th Academy Awards when he joked that Jada Pinkett-Smith, who suffers from alopecia, would feature in a G.I. Jane sequel.

The crude joke irritated Smith, who stormed the stage and smacked Rock before returning to his seat to defend his wife.

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