Asia Malaysia Here are the Malaysian YouTubers that are suspected of murder or arrested...

Here are the Malaysian YouTubers that are suspected of murder or arrested for insults

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A local YouTuber was recently detained by police following the death of his fiancée in an event that occurred last Saturday at their acquaintance’s apartment in Penang (2nd April).

The suspect, who is claimed to be in his twenties, and three other friends (aged 23 to 28) were arrested by the Southwest district police station team to assist in the investigation of the suspected murder case.

“The police received a report from a doctor (at the local) Hospital at 10:39pm on Saturday (2nd April) about a 20-year-old woman who was taken to the hospital unconscious and in critical condition.

“The examination of the victim found bruises on her head and her whole body. She was then taken to Penang Hospital (HPP) for further treatment,” says a police report on the incident.

The YouTuber is said to be an influencer. The media in Malaysia said the woman had died after she was beaten by the influencer. That is not confirmed though as the investigation is still ongoing.

Nevertheless, the police stated that the woman died the next day (Sunday, 3rd April) while receiving treatment at the hospital.

Following that, four males, including the victim’s boyfriend, were detained to aid with the investigation.

The police further stated in a statement that the victim was thought to have been assaulted with rough instruments. Unconfirmed reports in the media and on the internet (from a friend of the victim) says she was badly beaten and these reports mention the name of the boyfriend as the perpetrator.

This is one of several cases that have come to light involving YouTube influencers in Malaysia.


In December last year, Apit Wan Lebor, a YouTuber, was accused in the Sessions Court with posting an offensive video on his Facebook page in May 2021.

When the indictment was read to the YouTuber, 39, he pleaded not guilty before judge Norita Mohd Ardani.

According to the chargesheet, around 1.30 p.m. on May 9, he reportedly used his Facebook profile ‘Apit Wan Lebor’ to post an objectionable video with the goal to offend people.

He was prosecuted under Section 233(1)(a) of the Multimedia and Communications Act 1998 with transmitting false communication with the aim to annoy another person.

Police had arrested him for obscenities and criticising the government on the re-implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO). He was released on bail.

Apit Wan Lebo is accused of posting a four-minute and sixteen-second video named ‘Perutusan PKP Kome’ on his Facebook page, in which he lambasted the government while also using obscenities.

Apit Wan Lebo expressed his dissatisfaction with the reintroduction of the MCO while all economic sectors were permitted to remain open.


Last week, a famous Malaysian YouTuber, Namwee said his YouTube account was hacked and that he lost 1000’s of videos that garnered one billion views in total.

Namewee, a rapper and filmmaker, is seeking to recover deleted footage after his YouTube account, which has over three million followers, was recently hacked.

According to the rapper’s management, they are presently contacting YouTube for aid in recovering approximately 1,000 of Namewee’s music and commentary videos that vanished overnight.

His YouTube channel’s title was also altered from ‘Namewee’ to a Russian phrase.

According to Namewee’s Instagram, he has managed the YouTube channel since 2006, and it has collected a total of 3.27 million followers as well as over a billion views.


As if the troubles for the YouTube influencer community in Malaysia has not seen enough.

Bryan Wee, a local YouTuber, got into trouble together with another YouTuber Deacon Chai. They were both detained on February 18th this year.

Cross-dressing and posing for indecent images in front of Laman Mahkota were charges levelled against the pair.

Surprisingly, neither YouTuber expressed regret, and Bryan even pledged to return.

Bryan had supposedly shared images of their outing to the Johor Palace on Facebook, which rapidly went viral.

Many people believed that the indecent postures in scant garments in front of the palace were an insult to the Johor royal family.

Despite the fact that the message was later removed, some netizens appear to have reported the incident to the authorities.

In March, Bryan Wee returned to social media after the crossdressing incident at the Johor royal palace.

The 23-year-old appears to be fine. Bryan resurfaced, accompanied by his good buddy “Malaysian Wang Leehom” (picture above), also known as Kiang Jau Sang. And the infamous combo are already making headlines.

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