International Husband for sale on Trade Me website

Husband for sale on Trade Me website

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A wife trading the husband on a trading website is not seen every day. And here is the funny advertisement on a website that resulted from a disagreement between a husband and his wife that did not go unnoticed by portals in Ireland and New Zealand.

An Irish woman put her husband up for auction after he abandoned her and their children for an impromptu fishing trip.

Linda McAlister, the woman, is married to John McAlister and had to relocate to Marton, Rangitikei, with their two sons Colt and Ryder over a year ago.

The report published in Wion News says she had lived in Ireland prior to her marriage. She had relocated to the Waikato district of New Zealand following her engagement with John.

They recently had a disagreement, following which John went on a fishing trip without informing her and left her alone with their children.

She did not take this well, it seems and decided that she would put a humorous advertisement in the Trade Me website.

The advertisement on the Trade Me website, which is a New Zealand based website, says, “6 feet 1-inch husband who is 37-years-old and is a ”shooting and fishing sort of a person.”

Perhaps the stranded husband could buy a book on Trade Me entitled ‘How To Be A Husband’ by Tim Dowling. That could probably give him a few tips on how to deal with the wife after an argument.

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