Asia Malaysia Husband tries to strangle his wife for waking him up for Ramadan...

Husband tries to strangle his wife for waking him up for Ramadan breakfast

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It might be tough to wake up in the middle of the night, especially for those who work long days, to sit at a table and eat in the middle of the night during Ramadan.

However, it is also a show of loyalty and respect for the culture and religion if one takes on the task of waking up the partners and children for the ‘Sahur,’ or ‘pre-dawn meal.’

The meal will keep your stomach full until you experience food cravings as a reminder of the suffering of those who endure famine or do not have enough to eat on a regular basis.

Ramadan is primarily a month of patience and learning, during which individuals do whatever they can to avoid bad deeds and to share with others or hand cash to the needy.

However, it becomes incomprehensible when someone gets mad just before the breaking of the fast in the evening. It’s time to eat, not to get mad!

No one expected the story to be that horrible. What happened to this woman who was brutally attacked by her husband when she tried to wake him up to break the fast is simply horrifying.

(Video shows the moment the husband strangling the wife and putting a sharp object at her throat)

Not only did he wake up in a rage, he also kicked the fan and other stuffs in the room before he targeted the wife, who was in a state of shock, according to her statement.

The unfortunate tragedy happened for a Malaysian Tik Tok user known as @Yusfairuz.

The wife’s video, which was published using the app, elicited a variety of replies from netizens who were largely sympathetic to the woman.

Some urged her to make a police report on the incident. Since she said in a video interview published by a local online media, it is not the first time the husband caused trouble.

Since he is a serial trouble maker, netizens urged the wife to take action against him and for the safety of the children and herself altogether.

Here’s some of the reactions from netizens:

“Don’t think too much. Take action. If not, it could end up bad.” this use literally said to the woman in a comment.

In this one, the user is saying, “We live only once. We marry for the best. If its not good, then we find another way.”

The event occurred on the first day of fasting, according to the mother of five, when she startled her husband to break his fast.

But, as no one could expect, the husband’s actions were alarming when he strangled and pointed a sharp weapon to her neck.

“This happened on the first day of fasting. I woke him up because it was time to break fast but, suddenly he got angry and started to kick everything in the house.”

“I was most surprised when he strangled me and pointed a sharp object near my neck. He has never done this before,” she said.

The man also threatened to burn the house down if she leaves the house after the incident.

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