Asia Singapore Judge dismisses appeal by a nurse in the poisoning of two newborns...

Judge dismisses appeal by a nurse in the poisoning of two newborns in Singapore

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Sa’adiah Jamari, a freelance nurse who supplied sleeping pills to two children she babysat in 2016, appears to have no way out after losing her appeal against her conviction and seven-year prison sentence.

A Singapore High Court judge disregarded her claims that the poison was inserted into the baby food by someone else.

The court determined that some of the pills were standard prescriptions for the nurse’s personal use, while others were discovered in her house.

According to the judge, Aedit Abdullah, no one other than Sa’adiah had the opportunity or access to the drugs that were used to poison the baby girls.

Justice Abdullah also determined that a lower court judge did not err in condemning the 41-year-old, who is a divorced mother of two.

He also maintained the penalty issued saying it was also appropriate.

Sa’adiah Jamari had separately babysat a five-month-old and an 11-month-old in late 2016. The babies’ parents discovered them to be drowsy on several occasions.

When these two newborns were sent to the hospital for evaluation, numerous medications were found in their systems.

Sa’adiah had been a registered nurse since 2002 and had also promoted freelance nursing services online (Facebook), where she responded to one of the baby’s moms’ posts claiming she desperately needed a babysitter.

She stated that she needed the sitter to look after her two kids, a five-year-old girl and the five-month-old victim.

However, things took a turn for the worst on the very first day the nurse was in charge of the babies.

The mother observed her younger daughter was “cranky” and “tossing around in bed” the first time Sa’adiah babysat the two daughters in early November 2016. The newborn was unlike her typical self.

During the High Court appeal, Sa’adiah maintained her innocence, saying she did not poison the babies adding that the young victim’s grandma may have hidden the medication in little dosages in the baby’s meals.

Sa’adiah, aged 41, had sought a trial in the State Courts and was convicted guilty of two counts of inflicting bodily harm by giving poisons.

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