Health & FitnessLizzo BLOCKED popular BLACK conservative Candace Owens due to her FATPHOBIC remarks 

Lizzo BLOCKED popular BLACK conservative Candace Owens due to her FATPHOBIC remarks 

Candace Owens, is a popular conservative in America who is always viral for conflicting views of the woke ideology. She frequently makes remarks that can anger the typical woke person. Furthermore, she has over 3.7 million followers on Twitter, which goes to show that she has a strong following. 

In a recent controversial incident, Candace Owens shares a provocative tweet from Gina Bontempo, a health coach and personal trainer. Bontempo’s tweet claimed that women are being misled by celebrities and the media into believing that obesity is normal and healthy. 

The understanding of this is that Owens stated that trans men and fat acceptance are a death cult for women. She states that this is proof that women are more irrational and unstable when in comparison to men. She then concludes her remarks by suggesting that numerous women who comment on Lizzo’s “fat acceptance” photos are irrationally praising her appearance.

Candace Owens state that “Truth Hurts” hence why Lizzo blocked her

The commentator twists the song Lizzo is most famous for, “Truth Hurts,” by stating that she is telling the truth and Lizzo is hurt by it. Candace is currently receiving a lot of heat for mocking the world acclaimed singer. Liberal Twitter users and Lizzo fans are calling out Owens on her mean “bullying” behavior online. 

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However, liberal users are attacking the conservative man for his looks as well. One user even states that he looks like he has Habsburg blood due to his facial features. 

There are a couple of fat-phobic comments stating that Lizzo’s marketing team is spending a lot of money to normalize her body. The user jokes that the amount of money spent is probably the same amount it would cost her to eat at a Chinese buffet. 

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Some are stating that Lizzo is also an accepting person, but unfortunately for the political commentator, she is gone for good. Furthermore, there were more fat-phobic remarks stating that the singer is unhealthy and that people should not accept her “unhealthy” lifestyle. 

Regardless, her music is popular and trendy, and a majority of people are supporting her music. Part of what Lizzo does is positive, but at the same time oversaturating it is not good either. 

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