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Man Escapes Death by Slapping a Crocodile On Its Head After it Attacked Him

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The two-year pause in human activity, mostly due to the lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, appears to have drawn the wild animals out.
And there are very few was one can avoid death when wild animals attack, particularly if its a crocodile with its huge mouth and sharp teeth. But at times, there are some people who show some cool and get lucky after trying some unconventional methods to avoid death.
Crocodiles, snakes, and even tigers have recently appeared in uncommon places in Malaysia, and some of these stories have gone viral simply because people can’t believe the wild animal ‘invasion’ is happening.
According to Dayak Daily, an incident occurred around 10 a.m. on Saturday (4 June) while Bohri Jali, 54, was repairing a house in a village.

The man says the crocodile had attacked him while he was repairing his house near a riverbank.

Unaware of the reptile’s presence, suddenly he was under attack. This prompted him to slap it on the head and escape the jaws of death.

Following the attack, he received treatment at nearby clinic for several cuts to his chest.
News reports say this was the state’s third crocodile attack in less than a month.

Zairina Bohri, Bohri’s daughter, stated that she was inside the house at the time of the incident and ran outside after hearing her mother, Shamsiah Narawi, yell, “Amoi, bapak kau kenak serang boyak ya!” (Your father is being attacked by a crocodile, girl!)

The first attack occurred on May 19. A 56-year-old man named Sebarang Bingkok was reported missing and later his head was discovered floating in the river on the same day.

On May 21, a crocodile attacked a 7-year-old boy named Mohd Addami Moktar in the state. He was with his grandmother and sister at the riverbank fetching water when he was attacked. Mohd Addami’s body had not been discovered since.

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