Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Man with nine wives: It’s “first come, first served” for those wanting a baby

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A man who has NINE wives, Brazilian model Arthur O Urso, says he and his wives are prepared to expand their family with a baby but it will be done on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

One may ask how did the man marry nine wives in Brazil where polygamy is outlawed? The simple solution for him is he married them in a marriage that is legally non-binding.

That way, the law cannot go against him for violating the marriage rulings. But it also give the ‘wives’ the freedom to decide to stay on in the marriage or to quit.


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One of the wives effectively abandoned the marriage after he said he wanted to marry two more women, prompting him to make some changes.

First, he dropped the theory of sex rotation that he said guaranteed that all the wives had their chance to have sex with him.

He found out that the “sex rota” was becoming a chore and he did not like it. Thus the idea of ‘first come, first serve.”

Reports say Arthur and his first wife, Luana Kazaki formalised the union with the other women at a Catholic church in Sao Paulo.

“The cool thing about all this is that regardless of which of my wives has the baby, the child will grow up with a lot of love and affection from everyone,” Arthur told the Brazilian press.

“I don’t have a favourite wife for this to happen, we’re letting it happen naturally.

According to Arthur, the octet has mixed feelings about motherhood, with some not wanting to have children yet.

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Some are thrilled at the idea of having children and they are keen to be the mother or to help raise the children.

The polygamist has shared his unconventional lifestyle on Instagram  where he has 100,000 followers.

Photos show him in bed with his wives or on group outings. You can only imagine what kind of action happens behind the closed doors!

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