Wednesday, June 29, 2022
AsiaMalaysiaM'sians are enraged by Singaporean luxury car driver dumping rubbish in parking...

M’sians are enraged by Singaporean luxury car driver dumping rubbish in parking lot

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Social media platforms are filled with videos showing drivers or car passengers throwing litter on the road.

Some of these videos show other car drivers coming up to the littering drivers and passengers to return the ‘trash’ to them.

This is what people think a civic act is while others believe throwing trash out of their cars is a normal thing to do.

After all, some say, the roads are full of trash anyway and some people will come and clean it later.

And these videos tend to enrage netizens who will go into a frenzy in attacking the ‘uncivilised’ people.

This time around it is about a Singaporean driver who threw trash out of his car. He was driving a luxury vehicle and did the uncivilised act.

The Inforoadblock Facebook page recently shared a video of a Singaporean luxury car driver cleaning the trash out of their vehicles and throwing it in the parking lot.

This enraged netizens in Malaysia.

Facebook user Salina Tahir says, “kalau kt negara dia kita buang sampah laju ja depa mai saman”
In English, she means if it is something that happened in Singapore, the person will immediately be summoned.
Her comments show that Malaysians are at least aware that Singapore is a ‘fine’ country.

محمد عزیزن بن امان

Konon disiplin kat negera sendiri,datang negara orang lain..berak merata2…
The above user condemned the driver saying, “In their own country they are supposedly disciplined. They come to other people’s countries and they sh’t everywhere.”
Lynn Aii Caballero: “Adoi they don’t know where is the garbage bin.” “Lazy to go”
Well, the driver can consider himself or herself lucky because here in Malaysia, they are not that fast in ‘fining’ people and perhaps, this is one of the reasons why ‘foreign’ drivers are behaving haphazardly, lately.
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