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Why did the Palace prohibit re-airing of five clips from the Queen’s funeral?

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Certain clips or footage of the live coverage of the Queen’s funeral, from the processions to the burial, may never be seen again by the general public because the Palace says so.

The reason is that the Royal Palace has embargoed at least five moments from the funeral that it deemed unpublishable after the event.

Since this was a historic moment for Britain, the Palace deemed it necessary for some footage to be kept under wraps.

The reasons given are that while most of the coverage of the events was deemed acceptable for the general public, the Palace has urged the media – including the BBC and the likes – to avoid intrusion into the grief of the individual members of the royal family.

The public will also not see funeral footage on entertainment shows, as another condition was that funeral footage will only be used in news coverage.

Broadcasters have also promised that social media clips created for the funeral will be “solemn and dignified,” while there are restrictions in place that prevent the funeral from being streamed on video platforms such as TikTok.

On the other hand, broadcasters did not show footage of a man charging at the Queen’s coffin while she was lying in state at Westminster Hall.

Overall, an average of 26.2 million people watched the Queen’s funeral across all channels, making it one of the largest broadcast collaborations in British television history, as the BBC, ITV, and Sky News worked together to provide enough camera equipment when the Queen’s coffin travelled from Westminster to Windsor, on the final leg of her journey.

There were also questions on the reasons why many people from Asia watched the Queen’s funeral procession.

More Asians watched the event live, leading to some media portals labelling the large number of Asians watching the Queen’s burial as part of the public’s desire to see the pomp and glory of the ceremony, rather than as a reminder of the British empire’s might.

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