Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalUKPhotos of a woman ravaged by rats in her sleep are terrifying

Photos of a woman ravaged by rats in her sleep are terrifying

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It is not a scene from a horror movie though it sounds as horrifying as a Hithcock movie.

A woman was savaged by rats while sleeping and this has left her face scarred with blood everywhere.

This terrifying event happened to a pensioner, Diana Kirk, 76, and she was rushed to the hospital early this month after waking up drenched in blood in her Nottinghamshire home in the U.K.

Imagine waking up in such a condition? But Diana has brain damage and cannot feel pain, which is why she didn’t yelp when she was attacked.

Rat Attack In France

In 2017, a disabled French girl was critically ill and sent to a hospital after a pack of rats swarmed into her bedroom in northern France.

The 14-year-old paraplegic was sleeping on the ground floor of a rented house when the attack occurred.

According to France Info, the girl had 45 facial lesions, 150 on her hands, and 30 on her feet.

It is the father, who has two other children, who discovered his paraplegic daughter Samantha “drenched in blood” in her bed.

According to him, some of her fingertips were bitten off and cannot be repaired.

The U.K. though seems to be infested with rats.

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A month ago, a terrified granny was forced to sleep in her car after rats took over every room in her house.

Paula Cooper claims she can’t sleep or eat in her own home because rats have infested almost every room of the council-owned bungalow in Leicester.

After she moved in the house in October 2021, she discovered she was not the only occupant and that she was living with rats. They did not have the chance to attack her, however.

The Pensionner

In the pensionner’s case, the husband, John, was shocked to see blood everywhere in his wife bed with her face scarred.

He told the local media that due to her condition, she could not move or fight back.

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Some reports say that rats tend to attack young babies and people who are immobile in bed like his wife.

“She can’t feel pain so she would not have known much about what happened.

“I would like people to know what can happen and to be aware of it. I found out a couple of days after it happened that it was making a nest in the house,” he told the media.

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