Tuesday, September 27, 2022
LifestyleWho wants to try the Queen Elizabeth's pancakes? She left a culinary...

Who wants to try the Queen Elizabeth’s pancakes? She left a culinary legacy

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A recipe for pancakes sent to a U.S. President by the Queen after the latter fell in love with the menu has gone viral.

The Queen is dead, she will be buried today and tons of global VIPs will attend the last moments of Queen Elizabeth II in this life when they put her body in her final resting place.

But who would have believed that a recipe that the Queen likes so much is now part of the viral world?


As the world remembers Queen Elizabeth II, she is reminded of her legacy as the British Royal Family’s leader for 70 years, which apparently includes her drop scone recipe.

In 1959, the Queen hosted former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his family at Balmoral Castle, and she made the drop scones using her family’s recipes.

Drop scones, also known as Scotch pancakes, are a type of flat, fluffy cake that is traditionally served with tea.

The story goes that the U.S. president was so impressed with the dish that a year later the Queen sent him the recipe by mail.

Since it was a ‘gift’, is was made publicly available on the the National Archives. Amazing.

We know of the recipes of the favourite menu’s of some top global figures that are displayed in some hotels around the world.

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Now, we can add the Queen’s pancake recipe to our home cooking. It must be given a try, right, then only we could have a taste of the Royal palate.

Jam Pennies

Another of her favourite food, when it comes to teatime which enjoyed everyday, are jam pennies.

The are sweet sandwiches called jam pennies. These simple treats were a lifetime favourite of the queen, according to Chef McGrady, who stated that she had one every day since she was five years old.

Strawberry jam, according to Mirror, was her favourite, especially when made from fresh, seasonal strawberries grown at Balmoral, the Scottish castle that serves as the royal family’s summer home (and is said to be the queen’s favourite residence).

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