Health & FitnessTeen, 18, dies after taking one sip of piña colada

Teen, 18, dies after taking one sip of piña colada

Unusual as it is, a young man died right after he took a piña colada while on vacation in Costa del Sol, Marbella, Spain.

The teen was months away from starting college at Cambridge University.

The incident took place in July when Shiv Mistry had just turned 18 and was out with friends on the Costa del Sol when he was presented with the drink.

He collapsed as soon as he took a sip of the drink.

Paramedics say he had an anaphylactic shock. The incoming medical student had a life-threatening dairy allergy and the drink contained cow’s milk, instead of the traditional coconut cream used in the cocktail.

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The bartenders had made the substitution without knowing the teen was allergic to dairy.

After failed attempts to revive him, he was pronounced brain dead by doctors, with medics saying he had died from an anaphylactic shock.

The coroner concluded Shiv’s death was an accident.

‘There should be more education given to this age group, as they are inexperienced and going out on their own.

‘Shiv was lucky, he had friends who were medically aware and could apply CPR —however, there will be young people going on holiday with friends with no medical knowledge at all,’ the teen’s dad, Judgish Mistry said after the hearing on his son’s death.

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Reports say his schoolfriends had desperately tried to save him, a court in Buckinghamshire heard.

‘We, Shiv’s parents, do not lay any blame on Shiv’s friends who were very courageous and did everything possible to save his life and should be commended during the hearing, if appropriate.,’ his parents said in a statement.

Piña colada is a cocktail made with rum, cream of coconut or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice.

Replacing the coconut milk or cream with milk in the piña colada was deadly for the teen.

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