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AsiaThai cult leader made followers "consume his bodily fluids", worship corpses is...

Thai cult leader made followers “consume his bodily fluids”, worship corpses is arrested

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Deep in the Thai jungle, the police launched a sting operation and discovered 11 bodies, said to be the followers of a cult leader.

The police operation revealed a darker, more sinister story behind the scene. The camp used by the cult leader, Thawee Nanra, 75, who was apprehended on Monday, was the scene of unexpected and horrifying rituals.

Among the bodies, that of a mother and a child were found.

The coffins were all drilled to allow the lymph fluid to drain. Did the followers drink the fluid from the dead bodies?

More reports indicate that his followers believed his flegme was also a natural cure for their illnesses!

The police learned that the cult leader made his followers drink his bodily fluids, believing it would cure them of disease. He also made them worship corpses.

As for the bodily fluid, he made the followers consume his faeces and urine. They believed it was a natural cure.

The bearded and shirtless man is the cult leader seen during his arrest

During the raid, supporters screamed and jostled with officers in an attempt to save their bearded, shirtless leader, who claims to be the “Father of All Religions,” before he was led to a police car.

The Police said the 11 corpses found on the property are believed to be that of his followers.

Local media says Thawee told the police that he kept the dead bodies until their spirits returned to heaven.

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According to Provincial Governor’s office, Thawee had at least a dozen followers living with him at the time of the raid.

Coffins containing bodies were scattered around the house while forensic officers are pictured showing what could be a human skull in a waste enclosure.

Police said: ‘We have dead bodies, and we will have to work with all agencies to establish facts surrounding these individuals.’

Further investigation reveals that five coffins were discovered outside the shelter, one of which contained the remains of a dead infant and another of his deceased mother.

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