Asia Singapore The mother of a Malaysian man on death row in Singapore begs...

The mother of a Malaysian man on death row in Singapore begs for his life

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The mother of Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam, the man on death row in Singapore who is scheduled for hanging next week, has pleaded with the authorities and lawyers to save her son.

“Nagaenthran. Save him. Only then there will be some relief. Sorry he has done wrong. Everyone, please help.” This is what the mother, Panchalai Supermaniam, said in Malay but translated here for everyone to understand.

She sent the message in a short video posted by Singaporean lawyer M. Ravi on his Facebook page. The video was made by a human rights charity organisation called Reprieve.

M Ravi said on Wednesday (April 20) that Nagaenthran Dharmalingam will be killed in Singapore next week.

“Just received the heartbreaking news that Nagaenthran will be hanged next Wednesday,” M Ravi said in another earlier posting.

Nagaenthran was found guilty of narcotics trafficking in 2010, and his petition for a stay of execution due to “mental impairment” was denied in March 2022.

Richard Branson spoke out in February in support of Nagaenthran a Malaysian Indian who was convicted of trafficking 42.72 grammes of heroin in April 2009. It’s the second time the British billionaire launched such an appeal.

Richard Branson has joined a rising chorus of voices urging Singapore’s President Halimah Yacob to exercise her pardon powers and save Nagaenthran Dharmalingam’s life. So far, there has been no sign there will be a pardon.

Three weeks ago, the Malaysian’s death row appeal was rejected by a Singapore court.

The court rejected his respite request, accusing his attorneys of ‘abuse’ of court proceedings.

After losing his clemency petition he was eventually slated to be executed on November 10, 2021, after spending 11 years on death row.

However, Nagaenthran’s execution has been postponed until further notice (at that time) owing to both a pending last-minute appeal and a positive test result for a COVID-19 infection.

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