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U.S. Delivery driver jumps with joy, dances on finding treats outside home. Watch

The video shows the driver doing a little dance and even saying "Thank you" while looking at a security camera




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— In today’s edition of videos that may make you smile, here’s a clip that captures the reaction of a UPS delivery driver on finding treats outside a home in Mississippi, . The , besides creating quite a stir online, has won people over. may leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling too.

Steven James took to to share the video of the delivery driver. In the post, he also thanked his wife had put out the refreshments for those are delivering things during the holiday season.

Two images were also shared along with the video in the post. The pictures show a basketful of treats with a card addressed to the delivery drivers. “To out delivery drivers, thank you for making our holiday easy! Please take some refreshments for the road. Happy . From James ,” it reads.

“My wife has made a UPS driver’s day today. She orders so much stuff during the , that’s she leaves snacks for all the drivers. Well today this UPS driver was extra happy to get her snack, thank you for being so sweet to others, love you Nashandra James,” James wrote while sharing the post.

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The video the driver doing a little dance and even saying “Thank you” while looking at a . However, what she does while getting back to her car has now left people thoroughly amused.

Take a look at the entire post here and prepare to get a huge smile on your face:

Since being shared, the post has gathered tons of love-filled comments from people. While some commented on the driver’s joyous reactions, others thanked Nashandra for being so thoughtful.

“I love it,” wrote a Facebook user. “So sweet and thoughtful,” expressed another. “What an awesome idea,” praised a third.

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