Asia Malaysia Ugly Singaporean with bad behaviour in Malaysia not the true picture

Ugly Singaporean with bad behaviour in Malaysia not the true picture

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Following the reopening of borders with Singapore, while there are Singaporeans who were behind some ugly acts, whether by mistake or on purpose, some Malaysians feel the viral posts about such behaviours do not accurately reflect reality.

Three years ago, during the days nearing the Eid or Raya celebrations, the causeway between Johor and Singapore was jam-packed with automobiles, taking drivers hours to reach Johor Bahru.

A few messages on social media posted by Singaporeans complaining about the long wait in their automobiles at the Causeway and Malaysians reporting on the big traffic bottleneck went viral.

People started to comment and many were against the Singaporeans driving down to Johor Bahru for shopping.

They began by claiming that Singaporeans are greedy because they earn more money in Singapore (they earn in Singapore dollars) compared to Malaysians, yet they would travel to Malaysia to buy their goods, which are significantly cheaper.

There were hundreds of comments, although not all of them were negative toward Singaporeans. Various residents said that Malaysians’ spending power boosted the growth of some local enterprises owned by Malaysians, whether Malays, Chinese, or Indians.

Again, in 2022, several Singaporeans were chastised on social media. But one thing is certain: they are not the majority, and there has never been a vast proportion of Malaysians who claim they are affected by Singaporeans visiting Malaysia for shopping.

We know that visitors from Singapore have lately were booed online for bad driving, illegally filling vehicles with subsidised gasoline, and urinating on the roadside.

These are some of the unpleasant acts committed by Singaporeans that were highlighted by local and at times by Singaporean netizens.

A report published in TODAY shows that Malaysians are not against Singaporeans visiting the country and that the two-year border lockdown did not break the bond some Malaysians forged with Singaporeans.

With Raya fast approaching (in 12 days) there will be another few days of traffic jams along the Causeway. Hope this time around, the posts around the jams does not go attract bad reviews.

And as a matter of fact, let’s hope that Singaporean cars are not smashed, like some cars were in the not so distant past.

That is because many Singaporeans choose to visit their family members in Malaysia during the long holidays.

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